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spacewhat better way to celebrate x'mas than to donate a gift to needy children !!!!
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Kowloon Rugby Club

Hong Kong Rugby Premiership League
Runners-up 2016/17
Champions 2011-2013

HK Netball Association Division 1
Champions 2016/17

membership notice


Dear Members,

The application process for 2018 HK 7s Tickets has begun.
In line with previous Membership Communications this season, we have introduced some slight amendments to the eligibility for tickets.

To clarify, initial eligibility is as per previous seasons notably:

1. Eligibility for 2x 7s Tickets – Full Rugby and Full Netball Playing Membership

2. Eligibility for 1x 7s Tickets – Student/Unemployed Rugby, Social and Old Boys Membership

However, this season conditions were attached to 7s ticket eligibility to enhance membership namely:

3. Membership payment was received by the date(s) stated on Membership Notice

4. Attendance at 1 KRFC-led Community Day within the 2017-18 season.

You will find the link to the application form which is your Ticket Application request below.
This is to confirm you wish to take up your ticket allocation (1 or 2 above) and that you have or will meet the conditions (3 and 4).
NB: Playing Members (1 above) who do not meet conditions 3 or 4 above may initially have their eligibility reduced to 1 ticket. 

You are NOT being asked to make payment at this time.

Please complete the form and pay particular attention to the fields relating to points 1 and 2 above.

Initial Ticket Applications must be submitted no later than 31st December 2017.

Applications will then be assessed in totality and members advised of their allocation and asked to make payment in full no later than Friday 19th January 2018.

We will, as per previous years, look to cater for the wishes of all members. The above process is intended to do that in a fair and transparent manner, and reward those who assist the Club the most

Please assist us in working to the dates outlined above.

  To register please click on the button click here
2018 HK Rugby 7's Ticket application process
17 Dec Kowloon Christmas Presents Donation 2017
(From now until 15 December 2017)
Apart from being the festive season and a time of sharing and giving, by donating a gift to the Children in this community project, you will be considered as having participated in a community event and qualify for priority consideration when ordering 2 x Rugby Sevens Tickets!
  Christmas donation  

As you may remember, we did the Christmas present giving at one of our supported schools in the past and the Club would like to continue this tradition for the children. We would like to invite Club Members to donate gifts as well as being part of the Kowloon distribution team this Christmas. We need your help in delivering the festive joy to the children.

For full details, visit our Facebook event page...

    facebook event    
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