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About Kowloon RFC

Kowloon RFC has a great history which has been based on well founded objectives; to play rugby with like minded people; to provide opportunities through rugby to others in our community and to have a sense of belonging. Kowloon has always done this with a sense of pride, a sense of friendship and camaraderie unmatched by other clubs in Hong Kong and probably in the region

Since their humble beginnings as breakaway Ronins of the YMCA, the Founding Members of Kowloon RFC established the Club in 1976, which took root as a fledgling Club, standing it's ground in the local HK Rugby Union League.

Kowloon has had many memorable victories with many players who represented the "colony" and latterly representing the SAR National Team. Many of them are still in Hong Kong and leaders of the industry.

Through sharing their love for the game of rugby with locals and expatriates alike, the seeds sown continued to grow and evolve to it's current status. Today, consisting of 9 Rugby and 7 Netball Teams in total. Kowloon is also known as the most social Rugby Club in Hong Kong and actively organizes "Helping Hands" projects, designed to give back to the community by engaging the underprivileged Children of Hong Kong.

In addition, Kowloon RFC created the Kowloon RugbyFest, an annual social tournament known for it's generous contributions to local charity and the community and the Nine Dragons Society was formed as the charity wing of Kowloon RFC. Celebrated annually in March during the rugby week, RugbyFest is now into it's 15th year and growing in popularity with every year.

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