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Stan Christian and the Kowloon Committee

Season 2017/18 - Welcome or Welcome back!

Another season begins although it’s still too hot to take too seriously.  Huge thanks again to last season’s committee members who stood down after the most successful rugby season in many years.  The good news, you’ll still see them around Kings Park during the year to buy them a beer. Congratulations and many thanks also to the returning and new committee members.

A quick update on what’s been happening over the last few months in preparation for this season.  Albeit many of the activities don’t stop and are year-round projects.

Community & 9 Dragons
The community support program kicked off with a fantastic day-out at the Nelson Mandela Community Day on the 15 July.  The day was organised by Kowloon and supported by the South African Consulate General, Accenture, MVision, Pega, Renaissance College, HKIS and the HKRU.  Fantastic.

The community support program is such an important part of the club’s activities, it increasingly shapes our sponsorship arrangements. Hence, you’ll see below we are asking every member to sign-up and attend at least one community day this season.  You’ll get why after a morning coaching local kids with special needs, intellectual and/or physical disabilities. 

The  9-Dragons Society (the charitable arm of Kowloon RFC) have also been busy organising the annual summer rugby camp in the UK for a group of local teenage boys and girls. The trip of a lifetime for many of them.

Pitch side, recruiting for the season has gone well with new faces expected in every squad.  Sadly we also lost one or two through work, transfers, repatriating or plain old retiring. The elite squad, Babas and Ladies squads looking particularly strong with good numbers and enthusiasm at pre-pre-season training and conditioning.

As always, we are keen to welcome new faces to the Loon if you come across anyone looking for something more than a clubhouse near Happy Valley.

Finance & Membership
You will appreciate times have changed and it has become increasingly difficult to attract or retain corporate sponsorship.  Not just at Kowloon but across sport and marketing in general.  Our corporate sponsorship team led by Gamu Chiwenga and Anson Bailey have been busy for months securing funding for the season.

Notwithstanding that work, cost avoidance will be a focus of this committee. As such, you’ll see changes to the membership options this year.  Following a review, a cheaper membership option has been established to allow players to utilize last season’s playing strip.  Flexibility also includes more optional items available for purchase through the online store. The store itself available more frequently throughout the season.

Lastly, an integral element of your membership is the social side. The social sub-committee have planned and are promoting a number of events this season.  However, they are very keen to get more ideas.  So if you want to see other types of social events get hold of your social committee.

Cheers, Stan & your Committee

    6 Aug 2017
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