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Netball – 6th September 2017
Premiership Men and Women Players – 22nd September 2017
All other Categories – 30th September 2017

Please ensure you pay all bank service fee or charges. The exact amount stated above must be received in to the Club's Bank account otherwise a top-up will be required


  1. For Full 7s Ticket Allocation, membership needs to be paid by the above-mentioned deadlines, otherwise reduced ticket allocation applies
  2. In order to qualify for 2x Ticket Entitlement, members need to have attended at least 1 KRFC led Community Day in the season
  3. Allocation of HK 7's Tickets is indicative and limits may need to be imposed should demand exceed the Club’s allocation.  Members who meet the minimum requirements set out by the Club will be placed on a priority list for purchasing Rugby Sevens Tickets. Members found not to have reached the minimum expectations will be placed on a stand-by (Wish list) and their allocation of tickets is subject to availability.
  4. Preferential consideration in determining allocation for full rugby and netball section members (2 tickets) will be given to members who have paid their Membership in full before the above-mentioned deadlines and be available to play, attend social events and support Club community events. For other sections with 1 ticket allocation, the Club still reserves the right to allocate tickets in a preferred manner, and this will definitely include services and support provided to the club as a consideration


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